Loekintofood Understanding Nutrition

How does what we eat impact our health? This entails designing nutrition science, and understanding what its outcomes mean - and not mean.


How to apply such understanding to better health - how to make it land on our plates? This may happen via food & diet composition, guiding (re)formulation, truthful & meaningful claims & medical foods, regulatory aspects, nutrition policies, communications, trainings


lt is around these questions that Loekintofood offers expertise, insights and other inputs.

For example:

  1. Do you seek to understand better the role that your food, drink or supplement plays, or could play, in the diet and for the health of its consumers?
  2. And improve any related communications, as well as ensuring their legal compliance?
  3. Would you like to understand opportunities for making health or nutrition claims - and understand what may be lacking, and what kind of research could overcome this?
  4. Do you perhaps wonder if your product does or could qualify as a Food for Special Medical Purpose - and to understand what could make that happen? Do you seek input in designing, organising and leading projects, trainings and events on nutrition and related topics?
  5. Does your organisation temporarily need any kind of input related to nutrition in its broadest sense?

Partners so far

Since its creation in 2015, Loekintofood has worked already with several smaller & larger food, supplement & ingredient companies (Hearing Health Science, Hylobates, KarmaKarma, Newtricious, FrieslandCampina, Nestle, Cosucra).

It has included e.g. the leading of an EU-funded training in Jordan for Authorities around the Mediterranean, on the safety of botanicals in foods. For the Health Council of The Netherlands, Loekintofood has carried out two projects. Returning clients are several.☺

How may Loekintofood assist you?

Nutrition Understood

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How does what we eat impact our health?

How to make such understanding land on our plates?


Nutrition Science, Epidemiology, Regulatory Affairs,

Communications, Project Management




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